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Art Tent

We develop the Whole Child We Do More Than Just Draw
In our studio, we practice the 8 Habits of Minds.
From " Studio Thinking" By: Lois Hetland
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Develop Craft

Improving your art skills through practice.  Learning to organize and care for your art materials, tools, and art making space.

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Picture ideas in your head plan the next steps in your mind as you work. Ask yourself: what will my art be about? What materials will I use? How big will it be? How long will it take?

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Learning to create works that convey an idea, feeling, or personal meaning. Your expression changes with your choice of: Ideas, Media, and Techniques.

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Art World

Learning about art history, see how contemporary artists make art, understand the roles of artists, galleries and museums.

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Taking time to notice details in your environment through sight, touch, taste, sound and smell.

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Looking back on the work you have done, it may include sharing verbally and in writing. 


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Stretch and Explore

Trying things that might be difficult and discovering new ideas and ways of working.

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Engage and Persist

Focus on your work and stick with it, even when it gets hard.

Our Studio Time: