Marble Surface

Program Overview

We offer different programs for artists age 6 to age 18 (Kindergarten to adults):

  • Art Camp

  • Art Exploration

  • Skills building
    (Drawing and Painting)

  • Tech-Art 

More information about our programs listed on this page.

Grade Levels/Skills Levels:


Keiki | Kindergarten / Lv.1 

Young Artist| Grade 1-3 / Lv. 2

Junior Arist| Grade 3-5 / Lv. 3

Teens |  Grade 6-8 Lv. 4

Advance | Grade 9-12 Lv. 5

Adults |  Age 18 and above 

*See The Cup Diagram on Skills Levels .

Art Camp

  • Cover concept of form, function and aesthetics

  • Inspiration by contemporary artists and styles around the world

  • Learn to Sketch ideas, concept building, problem solving, Stretch and Explore with different drawing, painting, sculpturing mediums

  • Perspective & Proportion

  • Art and Tech exploration

  • We do skills building projects as well as creative art projects.

— Grade Level —
Grade 1-5 Mixed age class 

—  Class Times  —
Sat 9-12pm Grade 1-5


  • Digital Painting on SketchClub app

  • Foundation- Element of Art

  • Principle of Art x Graphic Design

  • Lego Animation, 2D or 3D Stop Motion Animation


— Grade Level —



—  Class Times  —

SketchClub Digital Painting | Sat 3-4:15pm Grade3-5

Grade 6-8, Grade 9-12

Coming Soon-Contact us if you are interested. Thank you!

Art Exploration

This is a drawing course for beginner. Students will receive step-by-step instructions from their teacher. This class is most suitable for children ages 6-8. We will focus on basic shape drawing. The goal of this group program is to create a fun art experience for our youngest artists while shaping their fine motor skills and learning skills.



— Grade Level —

Kindergarten to Grade 3

—  Class Times  —

Tue 3pm- 5pm : K-2 (Lv.1-2)
Fri 3pm- 5pm : Grade 2-3(Lv.2)
Sat 4:45-5:45pm:  Kindergarten - Gr.1 (Lv.1)


  • Painting workshop

  • Watercolor workshop

  • Art and Tech workshop

—  Schedule  —

One time event, upon request
(Birthday party, family art gathering, etc )


Please contact us at, for more details. List the dates, time, age group. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

Skills Building

From 2D to 3D, Traditional to Experimental, Skills development to Conceptual building.  Materials including, but not limit to, 

  • Watercolor

  • Soft Pastels

  • Acrylic

  • Pencils, Colored Pencils

  • Ink brush and Ink Pen

  • Print Making


— Grade Level —
Grade 3-5

Grade 6-12

—  Class Times  —

Sat 1pm-2:30pm Gr.3-4 (Lv.3)

Sat 3-4:30pm Gr.4-5 (Lv.3)

Tue 3pm-5pm  Gr. 6-12 (Lv.4)

Sat12:30-2:30pm Gr. 6-12(Lv.4)

School break Art Camp

  • Theme based art camp. Monday to Friday:
    1) spring break (1camp)
    2) Summer break (8camps)
    3) fall break (1camp)
    4) winter break (2 camps)

  • Drawing, painting, Sculpturing

  • Open Studio time in the afternoon for Art and Tech exploration and creative art projects

— Grade Level —
Grade 1-5 Mixed age class 

—  Class Times  —Sat 9-

School Break 8:30am-2pm 

Grade 1-5

Keiki | Kindergarten

Art Exploration (Lv.1-2 skills)

Class Examples

Young Artist| Grade 1-3

Junior Arist| Grade 3-5

Drawing and Painting
(Lv. 2-3 skills)

Class Samples

Young Artist| Grade 1-3

Junior Arist| Grade 3-5

Art Camp (Lv.2-3 skills)

Class Examples

Junior Arist| Grade 3-5

Tech-Art (Digital painting)

(Lv.3 skills)

Class Examples