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How To Enroll

We've partnered with Sawyer for hassle-free family activity bookings. It's simple and secure – just create an account to get started.

Thank you!

1. In the listings below, find the class or item you would like to register for under these categories:

4. Add to Cart

  • Siblings discount is automatic deduct at checkout. 

  • Please type in any Promo Code for all other discounts. 

2. Select your booking option

  • ​You can view our schedule on Calendar view or List View. You also can go to +More Filter, look for the age, and time of the courses. 

  • If you are making up for a class your child has missed, select the "Drop-In" option and you can look for the class that is within your young artist's age group. 

5. Check Out

  • You will be led to the Sawyer website. Please complete the forms and payment information.

3. Register OR Create a Sawyer account if you do not have one

  • You will only need to set up the Sawyer account once. You will have access to all your past and future bookings on the site. 

6. Receive your confirmation email. See you soon!

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